Why Is My Car Overheating?
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Why Is My Car Overheating?

If you are looking for help on why my car is overheating or reasons why my car is overheating and car overheating troubleshooting this post should help!

With the high temperatures in Arizona a car overheating can be a common problem for anyone who lives here. When performing regular maintence of your vechicle it is always a good idea to check your cooling levels as well the rest of  your fluids.

What To Do When Your Car Overheats

The first thing you should do when you car is over heating is to pull over to a safe spot away from traffic. Next you should turn on your heater to remove some of the warm air in the engine compartment. It is VERY important that you do not remove the radiator cap because the fluid inside your radiator is very hot and can cause burns to any skin it touches.

Overheating Car Symptoms

Before you car completely over heats and you need to pull over and wait for your car to cool off there are often warning signs. This will not only save you from costly repairs it can also save you from large repair bills.

1. Temperature warning light

Computer systems on today’s cars are full of sensors and warning lights for everything from tire pressure to the engine temperature. If you see a symbol with waves and a thermostat with tick marks and a bright red TEMP light your car is over heating.

2. Puddled coolant on the ground

An easy tell tale sign of an overheating engine is  coolant on the ground under you car. This often means that there is a leak in your cooling system and if this leak continues it can cause damage to your head gasket or other internal components inside your engine.

3. Steam under the hood

Another easy to see visual sign is steam or smoke coming from under the hood of your engine. It is best to pull over as soon as it is safe and turn on the heater, open the hood and give the engine a chance to cool down.

4. Hot smell coming from engine bay

Since your engine is often called the power plant or heart of your vechicle there are several pieces of metal, plastic, rubber, and other fluids inside the engine bay. Often times the smell can come in through the A/C vents of you cars climate control system.

5. Engine Noise

Your engine can make different noises like thumping or ticking each with their own causes. For instance a ticking sound is often a sign of oil not being able to lubricate parts properly.

6. Loss of power from engine

If you notice that your engine feels slugish or is not as powerful it was previously. This can be a less visual sign but is definately an important sign that something is wron with your vechicle. The reason for loss of power is that parts of your engine have expanded due to the increase in temperature and are rotating slower.

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