Troubleshooting A Car Air Conditioner
Written by craig braddick

Troubleshooting a Car Air Conditioner

When you own a car it is paramount you know how to troubleshoot the cars air conditioner when it is not working to see if you can figure out what is wrong. In the event you cannot, the next step is to take it to an air conditioning professional like AZ Auto Air who can diagnose and fix the problem for you. It is something that is highly recommended. but read on to learn more about the air conditioning system in your car and what might be happening when it is not working corectly.

How Does AC Work?

Air conditioning is far more simple to understand than many people think. The central part of the system is a compressor that pumps a gas and liquid combination known as Freon through the entire system. The Freon travels through expansion valves causing the gas to contract and expand based on the demand needed for the air conditioning. The cold Freon gas is then sent through an evaporating core where the cold air the process creates is released into your car.

Check The Front

When you are faced with a situation where your car air conditioner is not working, start with some simple problem solving ideas that may save you some time in the long run. Get out the car and check the front bumper and grill. If there is debris and mud there, airflow can be hampered to reach under the hood of the car and that will often prevent the car air conditioner from working properly. If you see anything you suspect may be causing a restriction to the airflow, remove it and try your air conditioning system once again.

Belt Inspection

Open the hood having first turned off your car and look at the cars air conditioning system. You will see there is a belt around the air conditioner compressor unit. Inspect the belt as it may be loose or even missing. The belt needs to be fixed or replaced and it is an easy job for a professional to do so you can be sure it will effectively solve your AC problem.

Does The Compressor Work?

The next step if the air conditioner still fails to work is to see whether the air conditioning compressor is still in working order. Turn on the engine, leaving the hood of your car open and turn on the air condtioner, even if it is inoperative when you go to the front of the car, listen for the compressor. There should be audible sound from the compressor working or attempting to work. In a situation where the compressor is silent you may have a fuse that has become disconnected or burnt out. The wiring that leads to and goes from the compressor may also be damaged, broken or worn away. It is time then to have a professional mechanic inspect the electrical system for the compressor.

Fan Testing

When the AC is turned on be sure to make the fan is working. If you cannot hear the motor running when the air conditioner is turned on, there may be issues with the fan. A lack of noise may mean the motor of the fan has died out or is stalling – this may be notable if the air conditioning airflow has recently decreased. If so, it is frequently a warning sign the fans motor may be on its last legs. So you will need to replace the fan so your air conditioner has the power it requires.

Possible Leaks

An air conditioner is assembled with many seals and fittings with many points that can be considered weak as they can wear away and corrode over time. The result of this is cracks and holes, over time, may develop in the system and cause leaks. This will cause your air conditioner system lose pressure and there is a notable decrease in air flow. A leak detection kit can be used around the air conditioning compressor and hoses to see if this is the problem. If you think the system is leaking, a professional needs to reseal it for you and the hoses will have to be replaced.

Freon Levels

If you still cannot work out what is happening with the air conditioner, it may well be the Freon level is low. A qualified professional mechanic can have your air conditioner refilled or your Freon filled. Freon leaks can be checked for and detected by the mechanic as he recharges and refills the system as you do not need the air conditioner to stop working again a month later. If the air conditioner is used very frequently, the Freon needs to be refilled or recharged on a yearly basis.

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