Why is My Car Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air
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Why is My Car Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

Due to the high temperatures in the summer, a car air conditioner is more than just a comfort feature, it is a necessity! During the summer months, temperatures will regularly reach about 120 degrees for weeks at a time, and good maintenance habits can reduce the chance of AC failure.

4 Common car AC blowing hot air causes:

  • Cracked or broken cooling fans
  • Leaking or low refrigerant system
  • Fault(s) in the electrical system
  • Condenser may be broken

1. Cracked or broken cooling fans.

According to Bryanmotors.com, a visual inspection may reveal that your cooling fans are damaged. Two common reasons this can occur is because of external causes like rocks or other road hazards, but this can also happen as AC fans age.

2) Leaking or low refrigerant system

Another reason that your truck or car is blowing hot air can be because of a low or leaky refrigerant system. A vehicle can suddenly begin blowing hot air if a significant refrigerant leak occurs due to damage. Advance auto parts state that an aging system can slowly leak if an O-ring or another type of seal is worn out.

3) Fault(s) in the electrical system

Truck or car A/C units are made up of fuses, relays, wires, switches, and other electrical components that can fail due to age or external damage this can be a complicated issue to troubleshoot. Pepboys recommends having a qualified mechanic to test these components since they often require special equipment and more importantly can cause further damage to the vehicle or even worse harm the person conducting the inspection.

4) Condenser may be broken

The AC condenser is in the front of your car and handles a significant portion of the air-cooling process because of this it is often referred to as the heart of your car’s AC. As stated by yourmechanic.com, any small problems with your car’s condenser can drastically reduce the effectiveness of your car’s cooling system resulting in poor cooling. Often this is the first warning sign of condenser failure, secondly, a leaking system due to damage or age can quickly result in a need for a replacement condenser.

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