Auto Air Conditioning Repair by AZ Auto Air

Auto Air Conditioning Repair by AZ Auto Air

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Living in The Valley of the Sun can take a toll on both you and your car’s air conditioning. If your car is in need of air conditioning repair, you can trust the professionals at AZ Auto Air to properly diagnose and fix whatever is ailing the vehicles AC. AZ Auto Air specializes in Air Conditioning service here in the valley and has been a trusted source since 1989. With a convenient Valley location to serve you, we are only a few minutes away.

Air Conditioning Inspections

An honest inspection designed to identify issues and determine the need for any service or repairs.

  • Complete visual inspections
  • No frivolous charges
  • 30 minutes of electrical diagnosis (as needed)
  • 30 minutes of nitrogen leak testing (as needed)
  • And a professional service consultation to review results and provide repair estimates as needed.

The most common symptoms requiring auto AC repair are: • Intermittent cooling • Noise • Will not cool at all or not a cold as it once was • Auto AC odor • The fan or blower is not working • Your car overheats or is running hot These are some of the most frequent symptoms that your car’s air conditioning may need some attention. If these symptoms are not attended to or repaired, faulty air conditioners can cause severe damages to your car down the road. Our family owned and operated Auto AC service will repair your car’s AC in a prompt and friendly manner. If your car’s air conditioning is experiencing any of these symptoms, contact us today and we will get you back on the road in cool comfort.



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